St. Paul's United Church of Christ's history begins in 1876 with a group of people who were German immigrants seeking to express their theological understanding. The name decided on by the original 32 Protestant Christians was St. Paul's German Evangelical Protestant Church. That name still appears in the stained glass above the front doors today.

Worship services were conducted in German until 1918. English was introduced in January of 1910 for the late morning service.

The original old Victorian Gothic section was built in 1877 and appeared as you see it today with exception of the front doors and the cross on the bell tower. The second floor sanctuary was completed in 1888. The irreplaceable art glass windows in the north and south walls of the sanctuary were installed in 1920. The Lord's Supper and Easter Morning windows were placed above the altar and in the balcony in 1939. The sanctuary was remodeled in 1940 as it appears today.

Our history began over 140 years ago as a covenant with God and Christ and one another to carry out the mission of the church, as the 32 founding Christians understood it. We can be proud of our heritage, both as a congregation and denomination. We strive to continue the mission of the church, as we understand it.

Our faith is over 2000 years old; our thinking is not.

Jesus did not turn anyone away; neither do we.