We are very proud of our benevolent giving at St. Paul's. We not only focus on local charities, but also on selected national charities to support. We are also a 5 for 5 church within the UCC. Here is a list of some of our mission and outreach givings.

Youth Centered Activism: St. Paul's teams up with the city of Middletown, community groups and fellow houses of worship to promote positive opportunities for youth to play and be entertained. We are a sponsor for the city's summer movie nights, providing snacks and welcoming the public to free outdoor movies. We also volunteer in a similar capacity for Midnight Basketball, a free event held at the YMCA in town ever other Friday all summer. Our pastor is on the steering committee to bring a Boys & Girls Club to Middletown, an endeavor the city is hoping to achieve by early 2017.

City Centered Activism: St. Paul's UCC is invested in the citizens of this community. We support, and provide space for, meetings that promote racial justice, positive community interactions with police, prayer services to address social injustice, interfaith gatherings, and many more community building events. We volunteer with One Bistro, our local pay-as-you-can food service truck. We are also active with our town's solution to serving the homeless through the winter, serving meals alongside our neighboring church.

Abilities First: A local agency that provides services for children and adults with disabilities, developmental delays, and other special needs.

One Great Hour of Sharing: Provides support relief services whenever and wherever disaster strikes: humanitarian aid, famine relief and help to resettle refugees, ministries for homeless children in inner cities of the world.

CUE: Funds support Chicago, United, and Eden seminaries.

Crayons to Computers: Many children cannot afford the basic supplies for school, and many teachers spend their own money to purchase supplies for their students and classrooms. Crayons to Computers helps bridge the gap by operating a free store for teachers.

Strengthen the Church: UCC mission offering for new church starts.

Neighbors in Need: Supports ministries of justice and compassion including the Council for American Indians and UCC's Justice and Witness Ministry.

SHALOM: Serving the Homeless with Alternate Lodging Of Middletown to house, feed, and nurture persons who are homeless through a network of faith-based and community organizations.

Veterans of the Cross: Provides pension supplements, health premium subsidies, and emergency assistance to active and retired clergy families.

Hope House and Center of Hope for Women and Children: Two homeless shelters in Middletown.

Crossroad Child and Family Services Fort Wayne, Indiana: UCC ministry for clients who need therapy, education, and family support for emotionally troubled young people.

UCC Global Child Sponsorship Program: St. Paul's supports a Tibetan refugee child in Darjeeling, India.

Family Service of Middletown Choice Market: Provides food and taxable items that cannot be purchased with food stamps, such as personal care products, laundry detergent, and dish soap.

Needy Fund: St. Paul's concentrates on local needs. Our Needy Fund is used to help people who come to the church looking for help with gas, electric, and water bills. Sometimes they need help with small emergencies, prescriptions, or bus passes. We also have a small pantry on site where walk-ins can receive some staples such as peanut butter and canned goods.